12/05/2016 - Posté par Website Administrator

Pierre Hallot et Roland Billen ont publié une recherche relative au suivit de l'identité spatio-temporelle dans le journal international de geo-information.

Résumé (en):

This work presents a new approach that aims to characterize the spatio-temporal relationships that exist between geographical objects that are absent or non-existent at the moment of analysis. First, we would like to propose a formal analysis of the spatio-temporal states of presence and existence of a geographical object. We will then use a combination of these states in order to define a set of life and motion configurations. The model developed then serves as a formal basis for the realization of a series of spatio-temporal queries based on an analysis of patterns in the succession of spatio-temporal states. The entire approach is then demonstrated by using the example of the organization of a scientific conference by defining the spatio-temporal relationships between the conference participants. The research methodology is finally compared with a real dataset taken from a geolocalized social network to show the efficiency of this type of management.

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