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Survey Teaching - Graduate Students
Survey Teaching - Graduate Students

Short Bio

Roland Billen is Professor of Geomatics at the department of Geography of the University of Liege since 2005. From 1998, he was PhD candidate of the Belgian National Scientific Foundation (FNRS) and received its PhD in Sciences from the University of Liege in 2002 for his work on 3D spatial relationships and 3D data structures. He was a visiting researcher at the GIS technology section of the TU Delft (The Netherlands) and at the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of L’Aquila (Italy). He was appointed Lecturer at the department of Geographical and Earth Sciences (formerly Geography and Geomatics) of the University of Glasgow (Scotland – UK) in January 2003.

He leads the Unité de Géomatique : topographie et géométrologie group, which is a combined educational and research group.


He gives lectures mainly in Surveying. A comprehensive list of his educational activities can be found here. The group is also involved in diverse Continuing Professional Education (CPE) projects; Geoformation, certificat en urbanisme.


The group has obviously operational expertise in data acquisition techniques (Surveying, Laserscanning, GNSS – GPS, Photogrammetry) shared with other members of the Geomatics Unit.

Related projects: Flash Flood, St-Paul Cathedral, 3D4All, etc.

However, the group is mainly known for its expertise in 3D urban models and in Spatio-temporal information modeling. Roland Billen is the chair of the COST action TU0801 on semantic enrichment of 3D urban models

Related projects: Spatiodata, Pierre Hallot's PhD, Rafika Hajji's PhD, Calakmul 4D GIS, etc.

Roland Billen's publications