Terra Mosana


The proposed project is a collaboration between municipalities, heritage sites, universities, and citizens to strengthen the tourist attractiveness of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR) and the feeling of belonging to it through the digital exploitation of its cultural heritage. This exploitation will be done through digital stories of the shared history of several cities of the EMR.

Funding organizations:

European Union (Interreg EMR)

Province of Limburg Belgium

Dutch Limburg Province

North Rhine-Westphalia

EORegions Sciences


The objective of EO_Regions_Science Shared-Cost project is to perform a consistent and coordinated set of basic research activities in support to EORegions!

Under the coordination of Centre Spatial de Liege, the partners are making a step further in the interoperability of processes and their collaboration within EORegions!. Supported by Belspo, the project aims to contextualize and make accessible to the greatest number the tools developed by the father project. This project has been carried with the support of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO) in the research programme for Earth Observation STEREO III.

Project developer : Centre Spatial de Liège
ULiege, ISSeP, RMA Brussels

Atlas and numerical atlas of Belgium


The third edition of the National Atlas of Belgium is financed by “Belgian Science Policy” (Belspo) in the framework of the program “ATLAS: Exploitation of the results of the socio-economic survey 2001”.

Six volumes will be published besides the guide of reading:

- political and electoral geography
- agriculture and rural world
- cities
- the habitat
- economic activities
- population

The Geomatics Unit is responsible for the final cartographic of volumes 1. 4 and 5 (political and electoral geography, the habitat and economic activities)

A second project entitled “digital Atlas of Belgium” not only makes it possible to update the maps but also to add additional maps like creating its own maps.



The goal of EcoCityTools is to provide an integrated decision-support platform, to effectively establish environmental and energy diagnostics at the neighborhood level and to make rehabilitation or development choices.

It is an urban planning solution involving the development of products and services based on emerging technologies in analysis (ICT, Big Data and numerical simulation), operating in a new collaborative mode around a  3D GIS (Geographic Information System) to quickly deliver studies for the decision-maker.

Project developer : 1SpatialBelgium
Partners : Cenaero, ULiège, Atm-Pro, Arcadis, Meterbuy, Odometric, GRE-Liège