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Pierre Hallot is interested in Geographical Information Science, especially in spatiomtemporal modeling of moving objects. His research focus from the conceptual modeling of spatiotemporal structures to the visualization of moving objects along cartographic representation.

He obtained a PhD in GIScience from the University of Liege, BE and performed a research as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Iowa, Iowa under the supervision of Prof. Stewart.

Dr Hallot is currently working on the development of an ontological model related to the spatiotemporal evolution of individual’s membership to groups. This research implying, social networks data, semantic web reasoning and ontological modeling, aims to define the criteria’s and constraints that individuals have to follow to evolve within groups and group’s structures. He is also working in partnership with 1Spatial on the development of a spatio-temporal model for the management of urban information in geographical databases. 

Dr Hallot has also been implied into several interdisciplinary research projects proposing representation of spatiotemporal data, conceptual modeling of event-based changes and the management of large scale data acquisition. He conducted a project on reengineering a regional spatial database for the Belgian Walloon region aiming to manage an event-based update processing.

Dr Hallot obtained the prestigious grant form the Belgian American Foundation covering his stay in the United States. He also obtained the Spork Price rewarding the best graduate student at the University of Liege, BE.

Pierre Hallot is reviewer for several scientific journals as the International Journal of Geographical Information Science, Geographical Systems and Computer, Environment and Urban Systems. He is also involved in several PhD committee at the University of Liege, BE.

Grants & Funding:
* Belgian American Fundation (BAEF) - Postdoctoral Research Fellow grant 2013


Domaines de recherche

spatiotemporal modelling | moving objects | membership & groups | dynamics objects | conceptual identity modelling

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